Free Prestashop Modules

Toddle along to the  unofficial  platform for free templates and modules for PrestaShop!

At EcartService you can find an absolute goldmine of prestashop modules , including the ever popular google XML sitemap module for presta, now re-written and working

  • New XML generation code using the DOMDocument(*) class
  • Modified the logic to remove extra elements from the generated URLs
  • Added an xml-stylesheet reference to the output file, xsl included in download
  • Fixed the issues when “Friendly” urls are turned off
  • Add a new field to the cms table on install to track modified dates (auto updating)
  • Added removal of additional field on uninstall

(*)If your server doesn’t support this then sorry. Go elsewhere for hosting!

Newest Developments……….

The latest development in progress that we think is a nice little add-on to any e-commerce store is the integration of the Vanilla forum by Mark O’Sullivan, being used in a joint project between Rainbow Studios and Ecartservice this little tweak (thats an understatement on ecartservices technical ability i can assure you !) enables the user to make an account within either the store or the forum and hold an account for both, automatically logging you in to both pieces of software.

Still in the testing stages the Vanilla 2 plug-in will have added functionality that allows content to be cross-posted between the two as both are really still separate installations which happen to reside on the same server (and share authentication). Once that’s complete We think it will be a powerful combination.

Once the project is complete I’m sure that will be getting a showcase spot on our Portfolio Blog here at Rainbow Studios, followed by a new module for presta launch over on ecartservice.

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