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Facebook Business Success Cocktail !!


facebook business promotion cocktail

A heady mix of  Networking Essential ingredients


and of course the sheer nature of nosiness …. the piqued interest of a happy clicker ;o)

So youre in business and you have taken that Leap of faith into starting to advertise your business ….. Well there is one way that you can get a lot of coverage with just a little hard work, it isn’t difficult, it isnt expensive , in fact the actual platform is free, all it will cost is a little time.

It’s beneficial for your business , so in turn beneficial to you,

for those of you embarking on this that last statement is important, it’s the mantra you repeat when your friends and relatives start thinking you have become a recluse, that you realise you are “working” in your pyjamas and haven’t brushed your teeth ;o) , and it’s now 5 minutes before your kids are due out of school …..

As with every business the absolute BEST advertising you can ever get is that personal recommendation from a friend or acquaintance. It’s that essential age old interaction that is necessary to help a business survive , this was true in years past in the terms of market traders and grocers, butchers , traditional family run businesses in small villages , that produced the communities that built themselves around those that were providing the essentials for their local communities.

It still happens now with the trades, garages, mechanics, builders, plumbers … you see my point ?

So there we have the primitive version of Business Social Networking

I am assuming that if you are running a business you will be taking advantage of your local vicinity and the opportunities to expand your business it provides. If you arent then why not ? You should be.

I’ll discuss local coverage later ;o)

But the main point of this post is to give you a small insight into how social networks can give you a head start if you are a home based business that doesn’t yet have a website, or those of you that have a website already and are now wondering where to begin.

I’m going to focus on Facebook as that is the most popular and flexible Social Network currently on the internet, it is by no means the only one, we will cover those at a later date. Facebook is unique in the fact that it is a Network that allows you to mix freinds and family with business. This give you a unique advantage if you are selling services, products,

As is usual when starting a business locally the people that know about you and your business when you first start out are those closest to you, your family and friends , as time progresses and people pass the time of day your name becomes known because people talk, THIS is the bit you need to make a note of …. see that work there …. talk … its the same thing they did in the olden days when talking was the only form of advertising … even cavemen used to UG and point at interesting things I’m sure !!

Facebook brings you a unique network of other peoples families , acquaintances and contacts.

Now for the underpinning psychobabble – If you needed a garage, in your circle of friends, family and acquaintances whose recommendations would you follow if your decision was to be based on those opinions ?

It would be those you trusted most , those you talk to most, and those that you have a relationship with on some level , be it professional, personal, or interest based.

As a result of this inborne trust of opinions those small businesses with a good reputation, excellent customer service, and a personal approach continue to turn a trade 100′s of years. If they are lucky they have grown to a size where they have expanded and still not lost that personal touch to the service they provide.

You as a small business owner or a self employed sole trader can take advantage of this you just need to transfer your social skills into written words, your daily conversations with real people, if you dont come into contact with real flesh people ever then this method really isnt for you as barking at it relies on interaction with people in a personal and real way ;o) .

Think about shopping in a market, or a high street , which stores do you go back to ?

which given a choice of grocers would you go to  ?

which clothes store would you return to ?

It would be the one that gave you the best service, smiled was polite gave you what you wanted. Because they were nice you may recommend them some day to someone new  …….

Facebook gives you the opportunity to mix personal recommendations and customer recommendations in the same place !! positivity all round ….

ESPECIALLY if you can keep your page active, by active I dont mean a constant stream of special offers, endless BÚY THIS posts (I’ve seen them go out one an hour ….. ) I mean interaction, talking to people, joking with people, even the odd rant if its a topic that will have opinions without being offensive,  the odd post about the weather will work if it makes people intereact with you, by default people will keep you in their feeds, you arent offensive, you can be funny, interesting, informative, of course the level you will be able to do this will rely hugely on your ability to hold a conversation, caveman barking wont work unless you are wishing to sell caveman suits to cavemen in caves, even then i would imagine there is some variation in grunt tone and pitch !!!

How you run your page and how much personality you wish to use is of course dependant alot on what your business is. If you have the right approach you can steadily grow your following with people perfectly willing to see you and even sometimes pleased to see you pop up in their feed :o ) …. those that take an interest in your business and interact with you will be the ones that recommend you or repost things or whose friends will see your business name …. and click that page link …. may even click like ….. and who knows … recommend you to a friend.

Facebook is an Amazing Networking Tool for Businesses, IF you as the face of your business can be SOCial.

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